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Ashley Smith Piano Studio

Private piano instruction for all levels



I offer private lessons through the Suzuki method in a nurturing environment.

I believe that anyone can learn to play the piano given good instruction and hard work.  Students from ages 3 and up and all levels, including advanced, are welcome.

A music degree and extensive teacher training inform my approach.

Suite no. 2 for Two Pianos, RomanceAshley Johnston Smith and Nicole Bullock
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What I Offer

The Suzuki Method

The Suzuki Method was developed by Shinichi Suzuki, a Japanese violinist and pedagogue.  He recognized that children learn to speak their native language with ease and applied this learning process to teaching music.  The method was a great success and is used by teachers all over the world.  Suzuki rejects the common idea that you either “have it” or you don’t.  Musical ability is not a genetic trait, but is a skill that can be developed.  His aim in teaching music was to develop the whole child.  He was known to have said, “Character first, ability second.”

We love piano with Ashley! She has been teaching my kids for several years. I've been so impressed with the growth that I've seen in them. Of course, they have grown to be more talented pianists, but they have also grown in their capability to play by ear, read music, and understand music theory. They have become more confident as they communicate and play for her and others. 

Sarah, parent of 2 students

We love our lessons with Ashley! She is extremely kind, patient, and encouraging with her students. She is full of praise which really creates a safe environment to explore the piano. We have seen tremendous growth in our child in less than a year, but most importantly, she has planted a strong love of music in our child's heart. 

Janessa, parent of a student

We have loved how Ashley embraces all the principles of the Suzuki method to help our boys learn to play the piano. Each of our sons have unique strengths and weaknesses and Ashley works with them in an individualized manner so as to meet their needs. We especially appreciate the emphasis on incremental daily progress, as this is a valuable principle for everyone working towards a seemingly insurmountable goal.

Liz, parent of 3 students

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