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  • Practice with your child every day and turn on recordings every day. 

  • Take notes at the lessons; taking videos of teacher demonstration is encouraged.

  • Attend group lessons.

  • Give your full attention at lessons. Please do not email, text, or browse the internet or bring other projects during lessons.  Older students may not need a parent present at lessons.

  • Families should have the best acoustic piano they can afford (not digital or electronic).  Playing on a quality instrument is motivating.  It is important to have the piano tuned about twice a year. 

  • Provide an adjustable bench and an adjustable foot stool.  It is very important for students to sit at the correct height and have foot support.  

  • Parents are responsible for buying music books and recordings.


  • Book 1-2: 30+ minutes, daily

  • Book 3 and up: 45+ minutes, daily

  • Preschool students: teacher will advise individually

  • It is the parent’s responsibility to make practicing a daily routine and to ensure that these requirements are met.  Practicing longer than the minimum is encouraged.


Group lessons will be held most months in addition to weekly lessons.   The purpose of this class is to give students a chance to become comfortable performing in a less formal setting, help them feel supported and motivated by their peers, and to review music theory concepts.  


Each student is scheduled for 32 lessons over the school year.  Summer lessons will be arranged separately, although students should have a minimum of 4 lessons in the summer.  

Payment Options

  1. Pay full tuition for the year in September

  2. Make two payments- in September and January

  3. Pay monthly on the first lesson of every month- September through May.  June will be the beginning of summer lessons. 


Payment can be made through Paypal.  If choosing the monthly payment option, tuition payments are due by the first lesson of every month.  If cost is a concern, please feel free to talk to me about scholarships.

20 Minute lessons

768/full school year

384/half school year



Make ups will be made for all teacher absences.  Every student is allowed 3 make-up lessons for the school year.   Any other missed lessons will not be rescheduled. Understand that tuition entitles you to a reserved weekly time slot that is saved for the student whether or not they show up for the lesson.  


  • Required events: Studio recitals in the Fall and Spring

  • Optional events:​

    • Spring Festival through Philadelphia Music Teachers Association

    • Suzuki Graduation Program

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