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  • Practice with your child every day and turn on recordings every day. Older students may practice independently with teacher approval.  

  • Take notes at the lessons, taking videos of teacher demonstration is encouraged

  • Attend group lessons

  • Give your full attention at lessons. Please do not email, text, or browse the internet or bring other projects during lessons.  Using your phone for taking notes or taking videos/recordings of the lesson is encouraged.  Older students may not need a parent present at lessons.

  • Families should have the best acoustic piano they can afford (not digital or electronic).  Playing on a quality instrument is motivating.  It is important to have the piano tuned about twice a year. 

  • Provide an adjustable bench and an adjustable foot stool.  It is very important for students to sit at the correct height and have foot support.  

  • Parents are responsible for buying music books and recordings

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